The city is ready to welcome more than 15000 artists of all ages to pay homage to its traditions with the Lithuanian Song Celebration

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The list of intangible cultural heritage of Unesco is engaged, since 2003, the Lithuanian Song Celebration: this is the ultimate expression of the culture and traditions of Lithuania, which since 1924 takes place every four years. Each edition attracts musicians, singers, dancers, artisans, and artists, professional or not, of all ages, including 1,000 from 12 foreign countries. During these Olympics of the culture of Lithuania, the public can attend exciting performances of traditional music and dance and discover the customs of the different ethnographic regions of Lithuania, from the kitchen to the local crafts.

After the opening concert at the Cathedral square in Vilnius, dedicated to Lithuanian folk music and their history, with the opening of Children’s Traditional Crafts ‘ Town to the Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania, a space dedicated especially to families, where to look and learn the secrets of traditional handicrafts. The theatrical concert Evening of Ensembles at Kalnu Park takes visitors on a journey through the ethnographic regions of the country: AukÅ¡taitija, Samogitia and Suvalkija, the Klaipeda region. The more than 3,000 participants, including singers, dancers, folk musicians, and orchestras perform showing the uniqueness and diversity of Lithuanian culture with songs, dialects, costumes, instruments, dances and games.

Other important milestones in Vilnius are the Bernardine Gardens, where he pays homage to the Lithuanian writer and poet Kristijonas Donelaitis, and the area of the Castle, which houses the Folklore Day, dedicated to the pagan deity of fate Laima. More than 4,000 participants are expected among folk groups, singers, musicians, storytellers, artists, craftsmen, specialists of comfort food, for a day of concerts, demonstrations, seminars, and entertainment. More than 800 musicians are prepared to fill the Church of St. John with a concert of kankl, ancient Lithuanian stringed instrument, followed by the parade of traditional costumes of ancient Baltic tribes at the Palace of the Grand Dukes, an impressive fashion show with clothes, jewelry, weapons and tools typical of the people who lived in Lithuania from 1° to 14° century.

On the afternoon of 5 July, Kalnai Park is home to the concert wind orchestra “Brass Storm,” which manufactures popular melodies of Lithuanian composers and leading to the evening dedicated to dance at the stadium in Vilnius, where the Dance Day offers spectacular choreography of over 8,000 dancers of all ages. The closing of the Festival is scheduled for July 6 with a procession that contains all event participants in a big parade that starts from the Cathedral square to continue along Gediminas Avenue, the main street of the town, until Vingis Park where you keep the Song Day “Here is My Home.” The Park, built specifically to host the festival, is ready to resonate with the best classical, modern and contemporary choral compositions, performed by over 15,000 singers of all ages and 400 choirs accompanied by brass bands and other musicians.

Important numbers for a festival with a long tradition, which allows live Vilnius even livelier atmosphere delving into a fascinating culture and traditions are still very much alive. Between a ball and a concert, when the appetite is felt, you can enjoy the culinary specialties in the Lithuanian Cili Kaimas Restaurant (Agena booster Žirm? n?? 2), a nice pub in one of the Central streets of Vilnius, decorated in wood with ancient artifacts. Centrally located in the main street and pedestrian stands the Narutis Hotel (Pilies St. 24; is an ideal solution for quality stays in an ancient Palace of 1581 tastefully and lovingly cared for in every detail.


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