LIW Magazine News: A New Dynamism for the European Union

Membership of the EU gives a boost to the economy

Raműnas Vilpiđauskas

On 1 May 2005, Lithuania, together with nine other new member states, celebrated its first year as a member of the EU. Accession had been a policy target of these states for more than a decade, providing stability and consistency to the reforms undertaken after the collapse of communism.

Hopes have been high, and the public has been among the most enthusiastic, voting overwhelmingly in the 2003 referendum to join. What does the situation look like after the first year of membership? Are the benefits being felt in the economy and in society? What are the main concerns?

Optimistic about membership

Opinion polls reveal that the Lithuanians are still quite satisfied with their country’s performance in the …

The Head of State is Impeached

Lithuanian News in English – It is a time of mixed blessings on the political front

Arnas Lazdauskas

In spring this year, Lithuania entered a new phase. It was a new phase in many senses, a time many people had been anxiously waiting for.

Integration into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union represent the achievement of two fundamental foreign policy goals. People believe that membership of these institutions will help Lithuania stabilize and consolidate its still fragile statehood, as well as increasing their well-being.

Yet the country and its people, a majority of whom supported entry into Nato and the EU as serving the national interest, were by no means as ecstatic as one might have expected. Neither, it seems, were its Nato allies and EU partners. …