Data protection clause

We have updated our privacy policy 25.5.2018.

The public broadcasting system of the principles of the protection of personal data


The World Broadcasting Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Nyt”) is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its services and the activities carried out by good privacy practices. This privacy policy describes the collection and processing of personal data relating to LIW. “Personal information” that a person can be identified, either directly or indirectly.

This privacy statement applies to the NYT is the data controller and when we refer to in this privacy statement and use of the services in connection with the applicability of LIW. We can also provide additional information related to the privacy of the individual in the context of the service, site, or application.

To the processing of personal data, based on the agreement between the user and can be Rejected (e.g., The NYT account), the user’s other services, the consent of the user or your personal data may be processed when it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of LIW.

Rejected services can be offered in different platforms and services may contain links or access to other operators ‘ sites or services. It is possible to use for example, reject the services of Smart TV, a mobile device or by using an external operator LIW, which have their own independent privacy policies and the use and conditions. The application of the trade, such as the Apple App Store, Google, via the Microsoft Store, Play or download your applications also apply to that provider’s terms of use. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the carefully the privacy policies of such external actors and Rejected the terms. The NYT is not responsible for the privacy practices of non-actors, or Reject the terms of use.

If you do not agree to comply with the policies in this privacy statement, we do not recommend that you provide Some of your personal information. For the most part Rejected services is available without registration or by using the name of the characters instead of your real name, which is why the provision of personal data is not necessary.

What information do we collect?

The NYT may collect about their users in terms of the intended uses specified in the data protection statement. Intended use determines what kind of information about users will be collected in a variety of situations.

Your personal information may be collected when you register as a user of the services, use of the services in connection with LIW, competitions, promotions or surveys, as well as otherwise, visit with us. LIW to collect, among other things, personal data belonging to the groups listed below.

1. Some information

We may ask you to provide information about the different services that you may want to give Some:

  • A person’s basic authentication information such as a name, nickname, password, or any other unique ID, email address and other network services in your comments-Rejected
  • Users describe and information such as date of birth, gender, interests, Favorites, and the topic of weights, language, or other similar selection information, Reject Web services the comments, information about the devices and other information relating to the production of, and the content of programmes.
  • Feedback information, such as customer testimonials
  • Permits and consents
  • Contests and sweepstakes-related information
  • Research and survey information
  • The other agreement you have entered or transmitted information, eg. information collected from outside sources.

We collect information in different ways, for example, when entering information during the registration process, in the context of the user’s use of the service, or while participating in competitions, sweepstakes, or surveys, LIW.

2. the use of the information derived from the Observers and Services

We may collect the following information about you and your use of the services by LIW:

  • Analytics information such as data collected by the services of the network analysis systems
  • Customer contact information such as the details of the message the links clicks
  • The Web page, which has been Rejected on a Web page
  • Device tags and the information on the terminal device such as a terminal device model and a unique device-and/or cookie identifier, the operating system of the terminal equipment
  • The data collection channel: Web browser, mobile browser, application, and browser version
  • The IP address of the
  • The session identifier, the session time and the duration of the
  • Reject the use of the services in the history of a user, on the basis of the type of information that is derived from the observed the use of the information provided by the user and/or themselves, eg. demographics, interests, and as the rest of the group.
  • Other information collected with your consent
  • Location information if you expressly consent.

The location of the data based on the services and features of the LIW, use the IP address of the satellite, or other criteria for the location information to the network. For example, the year for which the Gps assisted navigation methods, the use of which may contain the place and unique device-and changing the location of the server with the Operator-specific tag. When you use the location based on the data in the services, such as local content or location-based emergency location information will be sent with your permission, Some press releases, the right content.

3. the supply of personal data received from

We are looking at the population register Centre, with your permission, the kotikunnastasi to provide you with access to other EU countries, LIW Areena.

Why do we deal with personal information?

We will deal with your personal information, as defined in the context of one or more of the purposes below.

1. Provision of services

Your personal information may be used to Reject the implementation of the services, to identify you and to make the services more personalized, more interactive and user friendly Rejected, access to and use of the services, for example, by enabling the Reject different devices, by giving you the content of interest, allowing the various recommendations of the may polls and competitions and by showing you targeted content from our services. Your personal information may also be used to reply to your requests and answer your questions, your choices in the implementation, and other similar tasks, taking care of and services for the prevention of abuse of data security.

2. Services development

Your personal information may be used for the development of the services and to improve the user experience by LIW. Your personal information may be used to Reject the services and content inquiries and investigations, and the general public on the size and use of the research-related analyses. We can combine the information collected in connection with the various services and applications to the extent that the information is being collected for the same purpose and we can make the statistics to the extent necessary for the development of services and applications.

3. Service and customer communication

The NYT may send you important and relevant information regarding the content on the service and features, and considers the communication to be of direct benefit to you. In this case, the communication is based on the material between the parties, and is justified from the point of the service provider, taking account of the legitimate expectations of the user are substantially LIWen.

Domain user, you will receive information about the benefits of and on the contents of the NYT Domain Rejected on a regular basis to your email inbox. We may have to you in connection with a customer service representative or our services, and to send you personalized recommendations for new content. You can actually control the customer communication in the NYT Account in your profile.

How do we keep and combine personal information?

As described above in order to allow the different services may save functionality of LIW, the room Rejected the use of the services. The NYT retain the information derived from the use of the services identified and separated from the actual person in the registry, which will be used to identify you. The use of the services and the information is stored using the surrogaatti, derived from the keys, in which individual users cannot be identified. Surrogaatti key is a unique identifier, which consists of a series of technical random numbers and letters.

Luovutammeko personal information?

The NYT does not, in principle, to sell or otherwise disclose your personal information outside of the LIW. The NYT may, however, disclose your personal information outside of the LIW, in the following situations:

1. Your consent

Your personal information can be disclosed to a third party with your consent, for example, Reject the express operator to offer the service.

2. Communities

As a general rule, personal information will not be displayed to other users of the services, but some of the LIW, LIW, the services you want to share the name of the character, for example, or any other information with other users. We ask to consider carefully before sharing your personal information or other information to other users.

3. Contractors and service providers

The NYT may use subcontractors and service providers services technical maintenance, customer service, management and analysis of user data, surveys, customer communication, or different types of campaigns. Your personal data will be transferred to Reject subcontractors and service providers only to the extent they are involved in the implementation of the services and in the LIW, the privacy statement as described in the policy.

Service providers are not permitted to use your information for anything other than set out in this privacy statement and any service-specific privacy policy for the purposes specified by the labels described in the LIW. The NYT to oblige them to keep the information confidential and to use appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.

4. international transfers of data

The NYT is trying to implement services and handle your personal information primarily for the EU/EEA territory players and services. However, in some cases, facilities may be rejected to take in other parts of the territory of the actors, services, and servers, and in this case, your personal data may be transferred between different countries. Such transfers may include personal data outside the EU or EEA countries, legislation on the processing of personal data, which differs from that of the United States. The NYT will take care of this, I regret to the adequate protection of personal information, among other things, agreeing to the processing of personal data and confidentiality issues as required by the legislation, for example, the EU approved by the Commission standard contractual clauses, and anyway in such a way that processing of personal data takes place in accordance with this privacy statement.

5. Research use

We may, in some cases, disclose information about the scientific or research purposes, provided that the said data at all times is first changed to a format where individual persons are no longer recognizable.

6. Mandatory law

Your personal information may be disclosed to the competent authority in accordance with the conditions and the requirements of law.

How to take care of the information up to date?

We will use its reasonable endeavors to keep your personal data held by the right by removing unnecessary information, as well as updating the outdated information.

Some of the Rejected services allows the user to manage the personal information collected by us, the choices and consent. We encourage you to review the information from time to time using the timeliness of such functionality. Please note that it is your job to update the personal information that you provide to us, if they take place.

What we are doing to protect your personal information?

We pay special attention to the privacy and security of our services in designing, implementing and hosting site. We use appropriate physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect your personal information from misuse. Your privacy and security are responsible for the designated persons. We restrict access to personal information systems and databases that contain only the designated persons, which is necessary for the work-related needs and the right to process the personal data in question.

We take data protection and information security, inter alia, by means of a proactive risk management, by paying particular attention to data protection and security in the design of our services, the training of our personnel and by examining the requirements of our services on a regular basis fairness. We take care of and other similar risks of abuse of the data, taking into account the nature of the underlying risk probability and information.

The NYT can be used in the implementation of its services, and to the processing of personal data, including contractors and service providers. In this case, we will take care of agreements and other arrangements for the fact that personal data are processed, the law of privacy policy, this privacy statement and in accordance with the data protection carrying service-specific reports.

How do we use cookies?

The NYT’s use of cookies, web beacons, and other similar methods in the development of the site and the provision of services and LIW in the context of the content and Messaging. Our website may also contain other components, for example, the non-actors in community services, LIW.

Our cookie Policy describes our use of cookies in more detail and provides information about how to restrict the use of cookies.


What are your rights?

You have the right to inspect, in accordance with the law in what information we have collected about you. You also have the right to call an incorrect, incomplete or outdated, unnecessary personal information, correction or deletion.

You can use your rights and by sending us a request Rejected Website Privacy at our contact page. You can also use your rights by making use of the applications or services on your device, the Setup features.

You are in control of your personal information and your rights to use the NYT Account logged on in your profile. ID in the message settings you can actually affect what the client communication you want to Reject the sending to you. However, we can still send you notices regarding our services, for example, information about the features, changes, or the fault of the services and events. If you want, you can delete the NYT Domain.

Changes to this privacy statement

The NYT are constantly developing their services and be able to make changes to this privacy statement from time to time without prior notice to you. If this privacy statement, however, substantially changed, the NYT will notify this at the beginning of this privacy statement and on its website at least 30 days. Changes can also be associated with the change in the law. We recommend that you visit this privacy statement from time to time in order to get the information from any changes to this privacy statement.